Maxine Waters Red Hen Hypocrisy

California Democratic Representative Maxine Waters has called for open season public harassment of President Trump supporters and President Trump’s Cabinet at a speech that received cheers and applause from her constituents a few days ago. Since then she has come under fire from the right wing media but no democrats have come out to fully condemn her call for the call to torment right wing supporters. Instead representatives like Nancy Pelosi have tried to unsuccessfully turn the tables and place the blame back on the right.


Nancy, how are we going to have unity if you can’t condemn the very hatred and division that Maxine Waters herself is trying to promote on half the country? Do you not realize all this rhetoric does is push the independent voters away from the democratic base? Maxine Waters can’t even handle the heat when someone asks her questions about her own behavior. Laura Loomer confronted her and she ran away like she always does and had her henchmen do her dirty work. Click Link to see video of Laura confronting Maxine

This past weekend Sarah Sanders was very rudely asked to leave the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, VA by the leftist proprietors. It was within their right to ask her to leave. That is capitalism in America people. It is also within Americans rights to choose not to do business with this restaurant. That isn’t the end of the story however. The owner of the Red Hen restaurant then followed Sarah to another restaurant and continued to harass her and her family. This is the exact sick sadistic behavior the left has engaged in since they lost the election in 2016. This is not something new. The story doesn’t even end there. Even after throwing Sarah and her family out of this classless establishment, they updated their voicemail to a very rude message further alienating half the nation from eating in their restaurant. Are you telling me that there are no Trump supporters working in your restaurant? Is that a question on the job application? Would they fire someone if they were a Trump supporter? Depending on the state you are in that could be against the law. Democrats don’t even realize that by saying no Trump supporters may eat in our restaurant they are basically reverting to segregation all over again. Are we moving to the back of the bus next? Are you calling us second class citizens? I have been called an uneducated hillbilly meth head by liberals long enough, I guess its time they are going to start treating us like that now and throwing us out of businesses next.


Breaking Down the Racial Barriers

Over the past few days Kanye West has come out supporting President Donald Trump on Twitter and liberals have exploded. Yesterday, Chance the Rapper tweeted Black People Don’t Have To Be Democrats. A truer statement has never been tweeted in 7 words. Twitter has melted down in 7 words. The crude replies back to him trying to silence him were awful. Democrats assume they own people due to the color of their skin and it is just not true. This is a movement that needs to happen across America. Conservatives have been called racist for no reason. I am not racist. We have many well known minorities on the right and they have been trashed for their support of the President. That needs to end. The real racists need to be brought into the light. If you see someone being racist on twitter squash it and prove to people we aren’t racist. No one deserves this mistreatment any longer. It is time to stand together as a nation and unite together on the right. The media needs to lose this power. I am not going to pretend that I know about the struggles of minorities in America today but I do know I am ready to fight with you. I know the democrats haven’t done squat for minorities these past few years. They care more about people from other countries flooding in than they do for our own citizens in America. So it is time for us to fight for what is ours together as one human race no matter our skin color. It is time to put America First. Black Americans, White Americans, Latino Americans, Chinese Americans, All Americans! We need to stand as one or we will be divided forever. Don’t let the media divide us any longer. Fight back!

Laura Ingraham Bows to Pressure



Fox News personality Laura Ingraham has bowed to the pressure of David Hogg and her dropping advertisers and issued an apology to the teenage activist on twitter not even 36 hours after sending a tweet some were calling bullying. Laura was simply summarizing the tweets David Hogg himself had posted on twitter and in interviews about his GPA and SAT scores and his failures to get into the colleges he had applied to. How would Laura Ingraham know David’s personal information such as his GPA and SAT scores unless Davis himself had supplied them to the millions of people on social media? If he doesn’t want people talking about them maybe he shouldn’t overshare his personal information in the whiny rants toward colleges he has applied to. Being an activist does not automatically give you a leg up for admission to college. Some colleges may look at it as a bad thing. Colleges want kids who can blend in and have the normal college experience. Not someone who is going to whine and rant about their clear bookbag and required IDs and how they go against their constitutional rights while they are trying to strip millions of American’s second amendment rights away from them.

So Laura Ingraham has lost 5 sponsors over exercising her first amendment right. David Hogg has successfully stripped Laura Ingraham’s first amendment rights away by taking her sponsors. So not only is he going after our second amendment rights, he is going after our first amendment rights as well. This kid needs to be stopped. Liberals are hiding behind him like a shield saying you can’t bully this child. Well he is turning 18 soon. He drops the word fuck in every other interview. He is applying to college. He is stripping rights away from news personalities. He is using his little sister to do the same, he isn’t a child. He hid in a closet and interviewed other students during the shooting. He was cool as a cucumber. He wasn’t shook. His voice wasn’t shaking. He had a plan from the moment the carnage started. He found the CNN cameras outside and started rolling. Unlike his other classmates who have admitted they were roped in by CNN, David set this whole interview process in motion in that very closet that day. So stop saying he is being bullied. Quoting his GPA and SAT scores which were provided by none other than David himself, is not bullying him. He has been accepted to other colleges. Case closed.

Laura Ingraham has issued a heartfelt apology to David, he won’t accept her apology in true childish fashion. Just like he hung up on the President of the United States. He calls it mudslinging. Has he read his twitter feed? He calls people murders that he doesn’t even know that had nothing to do with the shooting. He said he wants to focus less on fear and more on facts. What facts are those? Untrue facts you spout while CNN doesn’t correct you on national television and they admit they let you lie because they don’t want to be seen as bullies to a kid. You aren’t a child anymore David Hogg. We need to stop treating you as such.


Roseanne Reboot Smashes Records


Roseanne’s new comedy reboot smashes record’s on it’s Tuesday night debut on ABC. 18.4 million people tuned in which surprised even the ABC executives. It was like having your childhood brought back to your living room again. The funny and witty reboot had the usual slapstick and feel good moments TV is missing today. It did have some political warfare between Roseanne and Jackie’s characters but it was ended warmly which should show all of us how we should interact with our families who have political differences. We should voice our opinions but we should be able to hug it out at the end and be adults. We are family in the end and that is what really matters.

One character I was more than eager to see was Darlene’s character played by actress Sara Gilbert. She has matured but she is still the same Darlene. She is hilarious. She is a caring mother now to two beautiful children and she is doing an amazing job raising them as a single mother. I have posted a few twitter posts about the smashing ratings on Roseanne on my twitter and a Conservative popped up with their opinions on her and her son Mark’s Character on the show.



     Now let me say, if you actually watched the show, Darlene stated she wasn’t gay about 14 times. She had children with a man. Mark also stated he was a boy. He just liked to dress flashy. We have plenty of gays and trans people on the right now. They are crossing over and joining the movement because they see the good things happening for America. It is called the New Right movement. These people still stuck in the old days need to move into 2018. You can’t turn on a TV show that doesn’t have a gay person on it. If you think you can you might want to just turn off your television right now. These shows aren’t trying to reprogram you to be gay. Roseanne put out this disclaimer way before the show aired that Mark was going to be dressing this way so it shouldn’t come as a shock to the homophobic crowd. Even Roseanne and Dan’s characters  showed some resistance but it is their grandchild on the show so they are going to support and love him no matter how he dresses. If it was your grandchild you know you would too. I would. We all would. It isn’t pushing anything in your face. If you don’t want your kids watching the show don’t let them watch it. My parents didn’t let me watch Roseanne when it aired back in the late 80’s early 90’s but I did anyways. So get off your moral high horse. Kids see kids dressing like this at school now everyday. They are exposed to this at public school everyday. It is 2018. If you keep being stuck in the old days, we will never attract new voters to our party. You may think people are disgusting for their choices but we all bleed the same red at the end of the day and people are human beings. It is time to stop judging them for their life choices and start looking at our own life choices and worrying about ourselves. Personal accountability is being lost in this society and that should be the biggest worry of all.

Drawing Guns at School Gets 13 Year Old Suspended


A middle school student from Roseboro Middle School in North Carolina has been suspended for drawing a gun in art class. He also drew a few stick figures of people with knives as well. In this political climate this may seem alarming to liberal teachers in middle schools but this family lives in Roseboro, where it is 100% rural and has a population of about 1000 people. So hunting is a part of life. I myself am from North Carolina. My family is from around Sanford, North Carolina. It is a small town in Lee County. There is a lot of hunting and fishing that goes on there. These pictures are nothing more than depicting a day of hunting and fishing with his family. If the school was really worried they could have scheduled him with a child psychologist and sought out some help for the kid but instead they just suspended him. He will be back at school after his slap on the wrist with no follow up on his mental health which is what they needed to check out in the first place. Especially when that is the catalyst in most school shootings. The school is dropping the ball just like the Boward County schools and Boward Police Department dropped the ball with the Florida shooter for many years. Suspending is not the answer. Sitting at home a few days does nothing for children. Getting to the root cause of their issues is the answer. As schools and administrators we need to find out what is going on with kids if parents are failing or even abusing or neglecting children. If schools don’t want to deal with it they should put in a call to DSS. Which may be the dumbest idea I ever had because we all know DSS drops the ball more than police departments and schools have ever done but at least it is something. Show these kids you care more about their well-being than to just kick them out of school. I was hesitant to share a story of a kid my kid goes to school with but I am going to. He was kicked out of school for the entire year because he sent out a snapchat saying he wanted to shoot up everyone with love. He had a cut out picture of a gun with hearts coming out of it. HEARTS on snapchat and he was doing this all at his house! He destroyed his future. He has to go to an alternative school now and can’t go back to a school in our county. They absolutely made an example of him. Yes it was stupid but suspended and not allowed back in the county? Come on. These schools have got to stop running these kids futures.

On a side note, when did we start punishing for art? Hollywood can write books about taking out our Presidents, they can stand on podiums and say they want to destroy the White House, they can hold theater in the park depicting the death of the leader of our country. They call it art. We call it depicting murder and eventually career suicide. Hollywood is stepping over the line and liberal minions say, “well did you see when that one guy hung Obama from a tree.” That was one crazy guy and he lost his entire congregation due to his stupidity. We don’t own him. We don’t like him. Ted Nugent, We don’t own him either. He spoke some stupid words he later apologized for. I don’t see liberals lining up outside the White House door to apologize to President Trump. It will never happen. We need to start being able to separate fantasy from reality and we need to do it soon.

Midterms and Gun Control

With midterm elections coming in November it is more important than ever for Conservative voters to get to the polls. For one liberals actually believe that they are going to strip the second amendment from the constitution. This is never going to happen in America. It is a pipe dream that the liberal establishment is going to feed the minions in the midterm election. Guns are never going to be banned in America like they are in the UK and Australia and it is driving the liberals mad. Case in point this tweet from a lovely Bernie lover that still can’t let the loss of the 2016 election go:


This poor soul can’t understand Americans will never let this happen in America. He goes on to later write oh yea let’s get rid of glocks too. He wants to get rid of all guns essentially. One gun will never be enough for liberals. They will want more and more and more and more. If you truly give them an inch they will take a mile. Then he goes on to put words in people’s mouths saying we want to kill cops. Last I checked the people shooting cops were gang members and other liberals. Black lives matters literally hates cops, so no cops aren’t going to be on your side of gun confiscation little man. Please check your hate at the door. Conservatives literally back the blue and stand for the military. Maybe you missed the whole NFL boycott this past year. Yea that wasn’t conservatives kneeling on the field. Liberals are very confused obviously on where they stand or kneel these days. What poor unfortunate souls. Maybe if they took a look in their own closets such as what they do stand for i.e. Planned Parenthood, they would notice the baby killing regime kills millions more per year than guns in America. They aren’t out marching for those poor defenseless babies they are brutally murdering every year but we aren’t supposed to lecture them on their choices because it’s their body damn it!

Liberals Side with Iranians

IMG_3252.JPGBy     On Sunday, March 4th 2018 Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei tweeted that the solution to end gun homicides in America was to end the second amendment completely. Of course he would want that in America. Disarming America would be a great step for his regime in weakening Americans. The sad part about this tweet is liberals followed suit and agreed with the tweet. Do they not realize this would give Iran so much more power over America? No, they don’t. They think Americans wouldn’t come to the defense of the country if we were ever invaded by a foreign country like Iran. This is one of the many reasons Japan, during WW2, didn’t make landfall in America and invade after they bombed Pearl Harbor.


Khamenei went on to criticize President Trump and Congress for not acting and confiscating guns in America. Well Supreme Leader, Trump and Congress are not going to act on the whim of teenage liberals. I wonder when he is going to have his own cup of tea and free his people from the tyranny in his own country and stop speaking down to America. See in his country only the military has weapons and they live in oppression. America isn’t going to dive down into that socialism. We won’t have a Supreme Leader that we can’t overthrow without our second amendment right and Khamenei knows that. He hates that the American citizens have so much freedom. He is jealous of our constitution just like all the other globalist nations around the world. They are jealous President Trump is doing so well with our economy and our unemployment numbers are the lowest they have been in many years. They are so jealous they can’t stand it. They can no longer scream this is Obama’s economy and it kills them. Every single time President trump succeeds they look more and more ridiculous to their nations for the socialist hell holes they are living in. So no we won’t be giving up ANY of our rights communist or socialists nations. You can come over here and try to take them from all of us legal gun owners.

@loduv Ladies on the Right