Midterms and Gun Control

With midterm elections coming in November it is more important than ever for Conservative voters to get to the polls. For one liberals actually believe that they are going to strip the second amendment from the constitution. This is never going to happen in America. It is a pipe dream that the liberal establishment is going to feed the minions in the midterm election. Guns are never going to be banned in America like they are in the UK and Australia and it is driving the liberals mad. Case in point this tweet from a lovely Bernie lover that still can’t let the loss of the 2016 election go:


This poor soul can’t understand Americans will never let this happen in America. He goes on to later write oh yea let’s get rid of glocks too. He wants to get rid of all guns essentially. One gun will never be enough for liberals. They will want more and more and more and more. If you truly give them an inch they will take a mile. Then he goes on to put words in people’s mouths saying we want to kill cops. Last I checked the people shooting cops were gang members and other liberals. Black lives matters literally hates cops, so no cops aren’t going to be on your side of gun confiscation little man. Please check your hate at the door. Conservatives literally back the blue and stand for the military. Maybe you missed the whole NFL boycott this past year. Yea that wasn’t conservatives kneeling on the field. Liberals are very confused obviously on where they stand or kneel these days. What poor unfortunate souls. Maybe if they took a look in their own closets such as what they do stand for i.e. Planned Parenthood, they would notice the baby killing regime kills millions more per year than guns in America. They aren’t out marching for those poor defenseless babies they are brutally murdering every year but we aren’t supposed to lecture them on their choices because it’s their body damn it!


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