Drawing Guns at School Gets 13 Year Old Suspended


A middle school student from Roseboro Middle School in North Carolina has been suspended for drawing a gun in art class. He also drew a few stick figures of people with knives as well. In this political climate this may seem alarming to liberal teachers in middle schools but this family lives in Roseboro, where it is 100% rural and has a population of about 1000 people. So hunting is a part of life. I myself am from North Carolina. My family is from around Sanford, North Carolina. It is a small town in Lee County. There is a lot of hunting and fishing that goes on there. These pictures are nothing more than depicting a day of hunting and fishing with his family. If the school was really worried they could have scheduled him with a child psychologist and sought out some help for the kid but instead they just suspended him. He will be back at school after his slap on the wrist with no follow up on his mental health which is what they needed to check out in the first place. Especially when that is the catalyst in most school shootings. The school is dropping the ball just like the Boward County schools and Boward Police Department dropped the ball with the Florida shooter for many years. Suspending is not the answer. Sitting at home a few days does nothing for children. Getting to the root cause of their issues is the answer. As schools and administrators we need to find out what is going on with kids if parents are failing or even abusing or neglecting children. If schools don’t want to deal with it they should put in a call to DSS. Which may be the dumbest idea I ever had because we all know DSS drops the ball more than police departments and schools have ever done but at least it is something. Show these kids you care more about their well-being than to just kick them out of school. I was hesitant to share a story of a kid my kid goes to school with but I am going to. He was kicked out of school for the entire year because he sent out a snapchat saying he wanted to shoot up everyone with love. He had a cut out picture of a gun with hearts coming out of it. HEARTS on snapchat and he was doing this all at his house! He destroyed his future. He has to go to an alternative school now and can’t go back to a school in our county. They absolutely made an example of him. Yes it was stupid but suspended and not allowed back in the county? Come on. These schools have got to stop running these kids futures.

On a side note, when did we start punishing for art? Hollywood can write books about taking out our Presidents, they can stand on podiums and say they want to destroy the White House, they can hold theater in the park depicting the death of the leader of our country. They call it art. We call it depicting murder and eventually career suicide. Hollywood is stepping over the line and liberal minions say, “well did you see when that one guy hung Obama from a tree.” That was one crazy guy and he lost his entire congregation due to his stupidity. We don’t own him. We don’t like him. Ted Nugent, We don’t own him either. He spoke some stupid words he later apologized for. I don’t see liberals lining up outside the White House door to apologize to President Trump. It will never happen. We need to start being able to separate fantasy from reality and we need to do it soon.


One thought on “Drawing Guns at School Gets 13 Year Old Suspended

  1. One solution, the one I strongly advocate, is for the American people to make all the nightmares of the liberals, progressives, and the sorts they enable- and pander to come true at our hands. Give them more than just a taste of what they keep claiming really is.


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