Roseanne Reboot Smashes Records


Roseanne’s new comedy reboot smashes record’s on it’s Tuesday night debut on ABC. 18.4 million people tuned in which surprised even the ABC executives. It was like having your childhood brought back to your living room again. The funny and witty reboot had the usual slapstick and feel good moments TV is missing today. It did have some political warfare between Roseanne and Jackie’s characters but it was ended warmly which should show all of us how we should interact with our families who have political differences. We should voice our opinions but we should be able to hug it out at the end and be adults. We are family in the end and that is what really matters.

One character I was more than eager to see was Darlene’s character played by actress Sara Gilbert. She has matured but she is still the same Darlene. She is hilarious. She is a caring mother now to two beautiful children and she is doing an amazing job raising them as a single mother. I have posted a few twitter posts about the smashing ratings on Roseanne on my twitter and a Conservative popped up with their opinions on her and her son Mark’s Character on the show.



     Now let me say, if you actually watched the show, Darlene stated she wasn’t gay about 14 times. She had children with a man. Mark also stated he was a boy. He just liked to dress flashy. We have plenty of gays and trans people on the right now. They are crossing over and joining the movement because they see the good things happening for America. It is called the New Right movement. These people still stuck in the old days need to move into 2018. You can’t turn on a TV show that doesn’t have a gay person on it. If you think you can you might want to just turn off your television right now. These shows aren’t trying to reprogram you to be gay. Roseanne put out this disclaimer way before the show aired that Mark was going to be dressing this way so it shouldn’t come as a shock to the homophobic crowd. Even Roseanne and Dan’s characters  showed some resistance but it is their grandchild on the show so they are going to support and love him no matter how he dresses. If it was your grandchild you know you would too. I would. We all would. It isn’t pushing anything in your face. If you don’t want your kids watching the show don’t let them watch it. My parents didn’t let me watch Roseanne when it aired back in the late 80’s early 90’s but I did anyways. So get off your moral high horse. Kids see kids dressing like this at school now everyday. They are exposed to this at public school everyday. It is 2018. If you keep being stuck in the old days, we will never attract new voters to our party. You may think people are disgusting for their choices but we all bleed the same red at the end of the day and people are human beings. It is time to stop judging them for their life choices and start looking at our own life choices and worrying about ourselves. Personal accountability is being lost in this society and that should be the biggest worry of all.


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