Laura Ingraham Bows to Pressure



Fox News personality Laura Ingraham has bowed to the pressure of David Hogg and her dropping advertisers and issued an apology to the teenage activist on twitter not even 36 hours after sending a tweet some were calling bullying. Laura was simply summarizing the tweets David Hogg himself had posted on twitter and in interviews about his GPA and SAT scores and his failures to get into the colleges he had applied to. How would Laura Ingraham know David’s personal information such as his GPA and SAT scores unless Davis himself had supplied them to the millions of people on social media? If he doesn’t want people talking about them maybe he shouldn’t overshare his personal information in the whiny rants toward colleges he has applied to. Being an activist does not automatically give you a leg up for admission to college. Some colleges may look at it as a bad thing. Colleges want kids who can blend in and have the normal college experience. Not someone who is going to whine and rant about their clear bookbag and required IDs and how they go against their constitutional rights while they are trying to strip millions of American’s second amendment rights away from them.

So Laura Ingraham has lost 5 sponsors over exercising her first amendment right. David Hogg has successfully stripped Laura Ingraham’s first amendment rights away by taking her sponsors. So not only is he going after our second amendment rights, he is going after our first amendment rights as well. This kid needs to be stopped. Liberals are hiding behind him like a shield saying you can’t bully this child. Well he is turning 18 soon. He drops the word fuck in every other interview. He is applying to college. He is stripping rights away from news personalities. He is using his little sister to do the same, he isn’t a child. He hid in a closet and interviewed other students during the shooting. He was cool as a cucumber. He wasn’t shook. His voice wasn’t shaking. He had a plan from the moment the carnage started. He found the CNN cameras outside and started rolling. Unlike his other classmates who have admitted they were roped in by CNN, David set this whole interview process in motion in that very closet that day. So stop saying he is being bullied. Quoting his GPA and SAT scores which were provided by none other than David himself, is not bullying him. He has been accepted to other colleges. Case closed.

Laura Ingraham has issued a heartfelt apology to David, he won’t accept her apology in true childish fashion. Just like he hung up on the President of the United States. He calls it mudslinging. Has he read his twitter feed? He calls people murders that he doesn’t even know that had nothing to do with the shooting. He said he wants to focus less on fear and more on facts. What facts are those? Untrue facts you spout while CNN doesn’t correct you on national television and they admit they let you lie because they don’t want to be seen as bullies to a kid. You aren’t a child anymore David Hogg. We need to stop treating you as such.



2 thoughts on “Laura Ingraham Bows to Pressure

  1. She should have never apologized! She doesn’t owe him one. And as far as her sponsors go I’m sure there’s a lot more sponsors that would love to advertise on her show so hopefully she won’t worry about it


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