Breaking Down the Racial Barriers

Over the past few days Kanye West has come out supporting President Donald Trump on Twitter and liberals have exploded. Yesterday, Chance the Rapper tweeted Black People Don’t Have To Be Democrats. A truer statement has never been tweeted in 7 words. Twitter has melted down in 7 words. The crude replies back to him trying to silence him were awful. Democrats assume they own people due to the color of their skin and it is just not true. This is a movement that needs to happen across America. Conservatives have been called racist for no reason. I am not racist. We have many well known minorities on the right and they have been trashed for their support of the President. That needs to end. The real racists need to be brought into the light. If you see someone being racist on twitter squash it and prove to people we aren’t racist. No one deserves this mistreatment any longer. It is time to stand together as a nation and unite together on the right. The media needs to lose this power. I am not going to pretend that I know about the struggles of minorities in America today but I do know I am ready to fight with you. I know the democrats haven’t done squat for minorities these past few years. They care more about people from other countries flooding in than they do for our own citizens in America. So it is time for us to fight for what is ours together as one human race no matter our skin color. It is time to put America First. Black Americans, White Americans, Latino Americans, Chinese Americans, All Americans! We need to stand as one or we will be divided forever. Don’t let the media divide us any longer. Fight back!


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