Maxine Waters Red Hen Hypocrisy

California Democratic Representative Maxine Waters has called for open season public harassment of President Trump supporters and President Trump’s Cabinet at a speech that received cheers and applause from her constituents a few days ago. Since then she has come under fire from the right wing media but no democrats have come out to fully condemn her call for the call to torment right wing supporters. Instead representatives like Nancy Pelosi have tried to unsuccessfully turn the tables and place the blame back on the right.


Nancy, how are we going to have unity if you can’t condemn the very hatred and division that Maxine Waters herself is trying to promote on half the country? Do you not realize all this rhetoric does is push the independent voters away from the democratic base? Maxine Waters can’t even handle the heat when someone asks her questions about her own behavior. Laura Loomer confronted her and she ran away like she always does and had her henchmen do her dirty work. Click Link to see video of Laura confronting Maxine

This past weekend Sarah Sanders was very rudely asked to leave the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, VA by the leftist proprietors. It was within their right to ask her to leave. That is capitalism in America people. It is also within Americans rights to choose not to do business with this restaurant. That isn’t the end of the story however. The owner of the Red Hen restaurant then followed Sarah to another restaurant and continued to harass her and her family. This is the exact sick sadistic behavior the left has engaged in since they lost the election in 2016. This is not something new. The story doesn’t even end there. Even after throwing Sarah and her family out of this classless establishment, they updated their voicemail to a very rude message further alienating half the nation from eating in their restaurant. Are you telling me that there are no Trump supporters working in your restaurant? Is that a question on the job application? Would they fire someone if they were a Trump supporter? Depending on the state you are in that could be against the law. Democrats don’t even realize that by saying no Trump supporters may eat in our restaurant they are basically reverting to segregation all over again. Are we moving to the back of the bus next? Are you calling us second class citizens? I have been called an uneducated hillbilly meth head by liberals long enough, I guess its time they are going to start treating us like that now and throwing us out of businesses next.


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