Liberals Side with Iranians

IMG_3252.JPGBy     On Sunday, March 4th 2018 Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei tweeted that the solution to end gun homicides in America was to end the second amendment completely. Of course he would want that in America. Disarming America would be a great step for his regime in weakening Americans. The sad part about this tweet is liberals followed suit and agreed with the tweet. Do they not realize this would give Iran so much more power over America? No, they don’t. They think Americans wouldn’t come to the defense of the country if we were ever invaded by a foreign country like Iran. This is one of the many reasons Japan, during WW2, didn’t make landfall in America and invade after they bombed Pearl Harbor.


Khamenei went on to criticize President Trump and Congress for not acting and confiscating guns in America. Well Supreme Leader, Trump and Congress are not going to act on the whim of teenage liberals. I wonder when he is going to have his own cup of tea and free his people from the tyranny in his own country and stop speaking down to America. See in his country only the military has weapons and they live in oppression. America isn’t going to dive down into that socialism. We won’t have a Supreme Leader that we can’t overthrow without our second amendment right and Khamenei knows that. He hates that the American citizens have so much freedom. He is jealous of our constitution just like all the other globalist nations around the world. They are jealous President Trump is doing so well with our economy and our unemployment numbers are the lowest they have been in many years. They are so jealous they can’t stand it. They can no longer scream this is Obama’s economy and it kills them. Every single time President trump succeeds they look more and more ridiculous to their nations for the socialist hell holes they are living in. So no we won’t be giving up ANY of our rights communist or socialists nations. You can come over here and try to take them from all of us legal gun owners.

@loduv Ladies on the Right