Spending Bill

So no one likes this crappy spending bill passed by congress and signed by the President. Yea we get it. It funds Planned Parenthood and Sanctuary Cities. WTF. Those are two things us as Republicans HATE and find repulsive. You entered our country illegally and you want to kill babies in the womb and our government wants to fund that with our own tax dollars. It is complete and utter bullshit and we need to vote Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell’s RINO asses out ASAP for even thinking this is acceptable with a Republican run Congress and White House. We have the control people, we are literally driving the freaking car right now and you just let the democrats change the radio station to the shitty music and take the wheel. Who does that? Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and the rest of the swamp, that’s who. They held it over our heads with the biggest funding of the military in ten years. Now everyone loves compromise and to play fair with the democrats but really? We just paid for walls in other countries without funding the wall in our own country. Get with the program Congress. If you can’t do better than this, at midterms the Republicans are going to LEVEL your asses. You just awakened the beast. If you think the MAGA crowd showed up in November of 2016, you haven’t seen anything yet. It’s time for the inner Republican squabbling to stop and it’s time to band together and get behind the President and vote this cesspool in Washington out! No more Jeff Flakes, no more John McCains, no more Paul Ryans, No more Mitch McConnells. It is time to FOCUS on Midterms and get our heads in the game for 2018. It is time to drain the swamp like never before. If we don’t and we hand control back to the Democrats, you can kiss your guns goodbye. You can kiss your tax relief goodbye. You can kiss President Trump goodbye because that is the first thing they will do. So strap yourself in for the fight. It is time to go to war.


American Priority Conference 2018

Patriots from all across the nation will gather in Washington DC, September 6-8th, to kick off the campaign season of the midterm elections and host the first America First conference. It is going to be a huge MAGA meet up with @Ali, @JackPosobiec, @Cernovich (Mike Cernovich), @lucianwintrich (Lucian Wintrich), and so many more adding on daily. We have booked our tickets and hotel reservations! Hope to see you there! #AMP18

To book your tickets go to: https://priorityconference.com/about/


Gun Control From The Right

This is a controversial subject with the recent school Walk Out that some of our youth participated in. I just wanted to voice my opinion on the subject. As a licensed gun owner and a parent I do want to keep our schools safe and I think we need to take steps to ensure that our school grounds are safer for students. I don’t think arming some teachers are the answer. Some teachers are on edge everyday. I am on edge at my job everyday. I don’t want to carry a gun on me at my job honestly but I like to know we have armed guards there. I move around all day at work. I am up and down constantly. I am reaching over people. I am in their face. I am in their private areas. I understand how someone would feel uncomfortable if I was strapped with a glock at work 24/7, yet there have been shootings at my work. Active shooting situations at my work with lock downs. People have died due to these shooting situations. Did the media come to my work and advocate for me and my safety? Heck no they didn’t. The left and the media are taking advantage of these situations and these children to push their already fueled agenda they have been pushing for a while. So I think if they want to put more armed guards and metal detectors in these schools and have locked doors 100% of the time it is a good idea. The local schools in our area have a lock system on the door you have to go through at all doors with a camera and a person who has to let you in the locked door. It sends them a video and you have to tell them why you are there. Why is this not utilized and working in all schools in 2018? We live in a world with evil people, if we keep opening the front door for them, they will keep coming in and hurting our children. If we do have teachers with firearm experience that have guns locked up at a certain location in their classrooms that the kids don’t know about, great but it should be people with prior firearm experience that pass certain qualifications. Metal detectors and photos IDs are not racist or intrusive when we have to protect our children. We have them in our banks, airports, and government buildings. Why not our schools? We can protect our children like we protect our cars and our money. Raising the age to 21 does no good when criminals just go out and get guns illegally. Your kids are already smoking e-cigs in the bathroom at high school and they can’t buy them until they are 18. They are drinking and doing drugs and those things are illegal for them. You think a mentally damaged kid can’t get a gun? They can get one just as easy as they can get drugs or an e-cig if they want one. They just have to have access to money. So America it is time to listen up, uniform school security is the law that needs to pass and it needs to pass now to protect our children.

A little about me…

A lot of you already know me already from twitter. I am a mom, conservative, military spouse. I can’t be summed up in just one word. I am a whole bunch of things. I wear many hats. I am also a lupus and intercranial hypertension survivor. I struggle. Life sucks somedays, you get through it. We have lived everywhere. We love serving our country, it is just something we have always done. It is a calling and we answered the phone. My spouse has had 5 deployments in his 17 years serving in the military, he is amazing to me and I have no idea how I have earned the love of such an amazing man. Military life is never easy but we get through it as a family. We have two 14 year old boys that we are very proud of. We have two dachshunds that are the family babies, they are the only kind of dogs we have ever owned. We love wiener dogs! I have always had conservative views since I was younger. I grew up in a pentecostal church outside Charlotte, NC. I was pretty calm in my youth, I loved singing and playing basketball.

My views now are what I call new conservative. I love everyone. I am not going to hate you for who you are. I don’t think you evil for your views. I know what my faith beliefs are and you might hold different ones but that’s ok. We all have the freedom of different beliefs. People have fought and died for those different freedoms. As long as you aren’t trying to change mine, I am not going to try and change yours if they are within the law. If we could all live peacefully together it would be amazing but conflict is a part of life. Some people thrive on the conflict. I don’t but some people relish in the conflict, they will never be satisfied unless everyone around them is miserable. Don’t live in the misery.


First Blog Post

I wanted to start a political blog. I love tweeting but how much can you really write in 280 characters on Twitter? Twitter is censoring conservatives and forcing everyone on the right to verify their accounts on a weekly basis while the left gets a free pass to create ghost accounts to harass and belittle. When you report them to twitter it is always the same thing, no violation. I am sick and tired of the excuses of twitter when @Jack and his cronies write tweets about stopping hate speech that they really don’t mean. So this is the new outlet conservatives need to take to voice their opinions. We should not be silenced by the left anymore. GAB and other websites are great in theory but they aren’t there yet. Twitter, Google, Facebook, and YouTube are only going to get worse so we need to get prepared for the future until a better alternative is launched. So please keep an eye out for future blog post. The right will not be silenced anymore.